Research Publications

Public Attitude Monitor 1996

This survey examines consumer attitudes about cost containment issues including managed medical and auto care, fraud-fighting efforts, no-fault insurance, uninsured drivers, and the "values" insurance provides. The legal issues including attorney involvement in the claims process, personal injury lawsuits, and tort reform are explored in this edition. Highway safety issues such as air bag safety, red light cameras, and motorcycle helmet laws are examined. Consumer attitudes toward natural disaster subsidies also are explored.

Public Attitude Monitor 1995

Topics explored in this survey include consumer auto and home insurance shopping behavior, consumer willingness to provide insurers with information on race, ethnicity and income for regulatory purposes, and awareness of factors affecting the cost of settling automobile insurance claims. This survey also examines recent trends in public attitude towards insurance fraud and views on disaster relief by geographic region. Public opinion regarding roadway safety issues, including drinking and driving, acceptability of speeding, and reducing accidents among teenage drivers and elderly drivers, also is explored in this survey.

Public Attitude Monitor 1993

This survey explores consumer expectations from auto insurers, and investigates when and why people hire lawyers for auto claims. The survey also examines attitudes regarding insurance fraud, affordability of auto insurance, insurance company access to motor vehicle records, employee perceptions of safety in the workplace, managed health care in auto insurance and workers' compensation, and responsibility for adequate homeowner's insurance.

Public Attitude Monitor 1992

This survey explores public attitudes on insurance fraud in workers' compensation and disability claims, affordability of auto insurance, effects of attorney advertising, traffic safety issues, earthquake risk, and other insurance topics.

Public Attitude Monitor 1991

This survey examines insurance fraud issues including: the acceptability of various activities in which some facts are misrepresented when filling out an auto insurance application or filing a claim, penalties by insurers and courts for various acts, ideas to reduce the number of dishonest claims, claim padding, and fraud in circumstances other than insurance. The survey also addresses public understanding of the workers' compensation system and the likelihood of hiring a lawyer in connection with a workers' compensation claim, acceptability of speeding and effectiveness of driver improvement courses, consumer confidence in the financial stability of a variety of industries, and views on the cost of auto insurance.

Public Attitude Monitor 1990

Traffic safety issues, including safety equipment (air bags, automatic seat belts, anti-lock brakes, child safety seats, motorcycle helmets), stronger bumpers, speeding and speed limits, alcohol and drugs, trucks and highway safety, motor vehicle records and insurer access to them, cost of auto insurance and actions taken to reduce it, and geographic differences in auto premiums are the focus of this survey. Factors influencing auto purchasing decisions are also examined.

Public Attitude Monitor 1989

This survey of 1,484 households reports on public attitudes on cost of auto insurance and ideas for reducing it, seat belt laws, attorney advertising and its effect on the number of claims and cost of auto insurance, what's covered by a homeowners policy, and the incidence of claim fraud.

Public Attitude Monitor 1988

This study focuses on public attitudes regarding the cost of auto insurance, higher speed limits, drinking and driving behavior, collision damage waivers in auto rental contracts, proposals to subsidize liability insurance premiums, and shopping for auto insurance. It also continues the Council's tracking of the percentage of households with uninsured vehicles.

Public Attitude Monitor 1987

Topics addressed in this survey include: fairness of gender-based auto insurance rates, safety standards for minivans and pickup trucks, fairness of the lawsuit system, possible consequences of lawsuits for society and possible steps to reduce their cost, drinking and driving behavior, penalties for drunk driving, liability of hosts for intoxicated guests, and cost of auto insurance.

Public Attitude Monitor 1986

Included in this survey are various civil justice issues such as the perceptions about frequency and cost of personal injury lawsuits, fairness of the lawsuit system, possible consequences of lawsuits for society and steps to reduce their cost. Also included are drinking and driving behavior, penalties for drunk driving, liability of hosts for intoxicated guests, and cost of auto insurance.